YHM quadrail

carbine size; includes jam nut and barrel nut IN STOCK


yhmrail.gif (101578 bytes)

Heckler and 

 Koch Parts



MP5 bolt carrier

factory German HK; not a reweld


mp5carrier.jpg (26187 bytes)

MP5K trigger pack

unused; German HK


mp5kpack.jpg (50379 bytes)

MP5 grip frame with selector switch

ear cracked on right side but not all the way through (still useable); German HK; includes selector switch


framecrackleft.jpg (51661 bytes)


click to see enlarged portion

framecrackright.jpg (17629 bytes)

framecrackdetail.jpg (45261 bytes)

HK-91 stock




selector switch

German for plastic lower



hammer, new

full auto xxx for MP5/MP5K


autohammer.jpg (28326 bytes)

trigger, new

full auto 


autotrigger.jpg (25609 bytes)

SP-89 forearm

as new; German


sp89foregrip.jpg (33213 bytes)

HK-94 gripframe

used but excellent condition


hk94frame.jpg (44496 bytes)

SP-89 gripframe with selector switch

used but excellent condition


sp89frame.jpg (71458 bytes)

SP-89 trigger pack complete

some full auto parts; see pic for XXX; original HK


sp89pack.jpg (75735 bytes)

SP-89 bolt carrier

as new


sp89carrier1.jpg (34918 bytes)

SP-89 bolt carrier

very little wear


sp89carrier2.jpg (108152 bytes)

SP-89 manual

as new


sp89manual.jpg (59746 bytes)


laser point; mint in box



Lightning shooting muffs

Noise Reduction Ratio (NRR) 31; comfortable and effective (new)



email with any questions; other photos available.