Web Hosting Services


On Target, Inc. provides a variety of web hosting services.  We also can design your website, your company logo, etc.  While On Target, Inc. is not an ISP (Internet Service Provider), once you have a dial-up account to the internet (e.g., AOL, Mindspring, BellSouth), we provide Web Hosting for your web page and email forwarding to your dial-up account.  An unlimited number of emails is allowed per account.
For example, we can help you establish your company's presence on the internet by registering your company as a domain, such as www.yourcompany.com.  We can then provide you with the necessary web space to build your website.  You will then have the option to have a number of email addresses, such as sales@yourcompany.com, techsupport@yourcompany.com, etc.  The setup costs, domain registration, and web hosting fees are listed below.  Prices are structured to allow upward or downward expandibility as your company's web presence grows.  Please contact us for specific information.

Web Hosting Price Structure

  Basic Lite Pro Advanced
Setup-Fee $30 $30 $30 $30

Domain Registration

(2 years InterNIC fee)

$70 $70 $70 $70
Domain Registration fee none none none none
Number of emails unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Anonymous ftp no no no yes
Domain parking free free free free
Number of web pages 1 5 10 unlimited
Monthly Cost $10 $20 $40 $55


 What is domain parking?

Domain parking allows you to have a default one-page website once your domain name is registered with InterNIC.  On Target, Inc.  will allow you to have a one-page announcement that your site has been registered and will soon be available... or whatever message you deem appropriate.  Domain parking is the perfect tool for registering a domain before it's taken by someone else, yet reserving a 'spot' on the 'web while you decide how you want your page to look.  We provide free domain parking for customers registering with us for web hosting.
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