How to Purchase a Gun over the Internet

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) has strict regulations governing interstate transfer of firearms.  On Target, Inc., a licensed Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), aka dealer, will only sell firearms within full compliance of BATF regulations.  PLEASE do not ask us to ship a gun to an individual; it is illegal except in limited circumstances.  The proper procedure for purchasing guns interstate is as follows:
  1. Customers wishing to purchase firearms must first find a licensed firearms dealer (FFL) in their area.  Gun shops, pawn shops, and some individuals are licensed as FFLs.  If you need help in locating one, let us know.

  2. Once you locate an FFL, he must send a copy of his Federal Firearms License (FFL) signed in original ink to On Target, Inc.  Our mailing address is:

                        On Target, Inc.

                        1117 Bellreive Drive

                        Aiken, SC 29803

  1. You must then forward us the necessary funds for purchase of your firearm.  Since some dealers may not be prompt in mailing us their FFLs, we strongly suggest you mail us your funds first so we can hold your firearm for you.  If we have not heard from you in five business days, the firearm may be sold to someone else.  We accept the following types of payment:

    • Cashier's checks, money orders, and personal checks.  Cashier's checks and money orders ship immediately.  Allow 5-10 days for personal checks to clear.  

    • Please make your check out to On Target, Inc.

  2. Once payment and FFL have been received, we will ship your firearm to your FFL.  You will be notified via email with a UPS tracking number of your shipment.  You may track your shipment online at using the tracking number provided.  Some items may be shipped USPS.  You will need to contact your FFL when your firearm arrives.  He will then initiate the necessary federal (Form 4473) paperwork, any state forms required, and perform a NICS background check.

  3. Please feel free to call us at 803-642-3221 or email with any questions.

Thanks very much for your business...

.... and Happy Shooting!!

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