Short-Barreled Rifles (SBRs) and Short-Barreled Shotguns (SBSs)

All Guns are in stock and Factory New Unless Otherwise Noted
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Item Description Price Model
Bulgarian SLR-106 Krinkov 9.5" barrel threaded 1/2x28, folding Russian triangular stock, 5.56 caliber, cone flash hider threaded 24x0.5 mm $1450 DSC_4739 folded left side best.jpg (588831 bytes)
AR-10 SBR Armalite upper/ Eagle Arms lower, with Noveske Leonidas 12.5" .308 stainless barrel; RRA 2-stage NM trigger; Magpul stock, Troy free float quadrail,  A2 flash hider; 1 mag ; IN STOCK $1695 AR10 SBR 1024 a.jpg (440323 bytes)
YHM-15 SBR A3 flat top carbine with YHM folding sights, YHM spectre length diamond quadrail, 10.5" chrome-lined barrel , collapsible stock, 1 30-rd mag, assault case    ** IN STOCK ** $1150 YHM-8810_specter SBR.gif (127197 bytes)
Saiga 12 SBS Saiga 12 short-barreled shotgun features 12-inch barrel, HK front and rear sights, Tromix charging handle, Tromix folding stock, Galil-style grip and forend, Saber Boss muzzle brake, 1 5-round mag.  Ports have been enlarged to enable gun to cycle low brass shells, yet can still handle magnum shells.  Simply adjust the gas plug setting.  ** IN STOCK ** $1985 Saiga 12 inch front DSC_4684 lowres great.jpg (973071 bytes)
YHM 6.8 SPC SBR A3 flat top carbine with YHM folding sights, YHM spectre length free float quadrail, 12.5" Noveske stainless barrel , Phantom flash hider, Ergo grip, collapsible stock, 1 mag, assault case    ** IN STOCK ** $1350 Noveske 6_8 SPC left.jpg (760590 bytes)

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