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James Bond

007 Walther P99 with silencer

includes NIB Walther P99 in 9mm, Walther factory threaded bbl, and B&T suppressor $1995 Walther P99 with B&T Suppressor

SWR Integrally Suppressed Ruger MKII

.22LR; 6.5" can; extremely quiet


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SWR 9mm Omega

Diameter: 1.375-in  Length:  7.5-in  Weight:  8.5 oz

Made of 303 grade stainless steel and 6061 T6 HC Al 


38+ dB reduction 


(barrel threading $95)


Omega on the Beretta 92F

SWR .22LR Omega

The .22LR Omega can be thread mounted on guns such as the Beretta 21A, Walther P22, or PPK.


Diameter: 1.0-in  Length:  4.85-in  Weight:  3 oz

Made of 303 grade stainless steel and 6061 T6 HC Al 


40+ dB reduction

(barrel threading $95)


Omega 22 on the Walther P22


Omega 22 on the Beretta 21

We are a SWR Distributor.  Click here for the full line of SWR suppressors

Knight's Armament Corporation (KAC) Model OHG

.45ACP for the HK Mark 23 SOCOM; same as issued to Navy SEALS

(special order only)


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